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“Ms. Jean L. Bons encourages listeners to journey with her to the heart of every conversation. She offers a viewpoint filled with authentic and passionate perspective. A true spirit of dialogue can be reached with Ms. Bons as she uses all the tools of her practical experience to illuminate and guide the discussion. Hats off to Ms. Bons for her people centered approach.”

— Thomas Perry, Education Chair, Everest College

Jean L. Bons is a Seasoned Professional Speaker, College Professor, and an Interpreter of God’s Word  with experience speaking and/or teaching in corporate, small business, specialty groups, for-profit and non-profit settings. She received an Advanced Toastmaster’s Silver Award from Toastmaster’s International and participated on the Board of Directors as Secretary, President, and Vice President of Education. Her skills in the public speaking arena led to the creation, development, organization, and direction of two all-day regional conferences.

Jean is a spiritual teacher that motivates people to connect to their passion by helping them understand God’s Word, thus strengthening their relationship with God.

Providing a workshop for the teachers of Ingrid Education Centre in February 2016, Nairobi, Kenya.

Having been invited to teach English to a group of students that are part of a community based organization in Nairobi, Kenya called Ingrid Education Centre, she realized that teaching the teachers would have a greater impact on the children than just teaching a couple of the children’s classes. Subsequently, she took her workshop creating ability overseas, where she conducted professional development for the instructors of the school. This comes as no surprise to those who know her as she has been a formal educator for fifteen years and an informal educator for thirty years, having raised two children who are now pursuing careers of their own. Along with an MBA and an MPA, she blends her life long experience of raising children, business, education, and understanding of the scripture to create tailor made curriculum for personal application and growth.

Expounding on how prayer can address all the issues the teachers face at the workshop provided to Ingrid Education Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, February 2016.

For further commentary about Ingrid Education Centre from the founder, Douglas Monene: click here.

Education: Masters in Public Administration, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in General Education, Associates in Arts and Sciences, Associates in Technology, and Certificate in Fashion Design and Sewing Specialist.

Awards: Recipient of the CCI Parthenon XVII 2011-2012 Instructor of the Year award, which included an all-expense paid trip to Orlando, Florida, where she was accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Natalie Van Mechelen.

Other skills and Interests: Tailoring, piano, trumpet, shofar, embroidery, cross stitch, crochet, braiding hair, memorizing scripture, and lots of do-it-yourself projects on her house.

FREE Download: Click here. Listen to Jean L. Bons reciting Ephesians from memory.

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