Mastering Life with the Sabbath

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Mastering Life with the Sabbath


The day God wants to dance with us. He stops what He is doing, puts down His pen, and looks to see who is looking back at Him.

Then He dances.

We are so busy during the week. I know for myself, I spend a lot of time talking to Him and asking Him for help and advice, expecting Him to respond in His usual fashion, which is that He will give me the answer as I go along. I listen, but I am also intent on what I am doing.

3rd day of trip 064 (1)

Dancing on the boat while crossing the Sea of Galilee, Israel, March 2012.

Dancing is a different type of listening: being in tune with the nuances of your partner and paying attention to the other person’s movements while attempting to be in unity with that individual as you go across the floor.

That is what I want in my life–to maintain the position of dancing with God. Sure, I do a lot of what I want to do; but, God put those desires in our hearts for a reason. Who knows but because of our particular desire on a specific day we are in a place where we impress another individual and influence them to draw closer to God?

The Aaronic benediction is said at the end of every Sabbath service.

The Aaronic benediction is said at the end of every Sabbath service.

Back to the Sabbath. God’s dance card is not full on the Sabbath. He wants to join in with humanity, see what they are doing, and have them pay attention to Him, too. It is a party; a time for celebration, for recognizing what was terrific about the week; before considering what is next. It is a pause in the routine. That was His idea.

Taking that break, that rest from the ordinary, and lifting thoughts and ideas up to the extraordinary, leaving space for opportunity, is what the Sabbath is all about. It is a celebration. Once a week, it’s time to drop the apron, the hammer, or whatever other tool is typically being employed, and see what He is up to.

Participating in the Sabbath service, September 2013.

Participating in the Sabbath service, September 2013.

Is it possible to dance close to God? I hope so because I imagine it in my mind a lot. What is it about dancing that is so spectacular? Cooperation, collaboration, unity, single mindedness, enjoyment mingled as one, are all part of the skill that makes up dancing. I want to do more than just exist. In mastering life, I want to dance with God–co-mingle my existence with Him in such a way that we become excellent dance partners.

Why do we think our desires are not important? God was very specific about His desires; he said to worship on Shabbat. If we fulfill His desires, He fulfills our desires; it’s a dancing partnership.

If ye abide in me and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be done unto you. –John 15:7

I want to dance with God.

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