Parenting While Fighting Giants:

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Cat sitting on a motorcycle in Jerusalem, Israel, March 2012.

Do you desire to really get to the heart of good parenting, to simplify your ideas and be able to use them to best raise your children?

Are you so discouraged trying to slay the giants in your life that you believe your parenting is suffering?


Whether the giants that you are fighting are:

–blending families

–physical illness

–marital challenges

–financial distress

–or some combination thereof

…you want to find clarity around how this impacts your parenting.  As you know, parenting is challenging under the best of circumstances; trying to accomplish it while also slaying giants can be fairly daunting.


Fighting giants, while parenting, requires concentration.  If you are feeling discouraged, I would love to work with you one on one to assess where you are in your parenting, to discover those things that you are doing well, and to see what you can do to be more effective in your approach.  I encourage you to select an appointment time from the scheduling calendar on my website,  


The initial 30 minute consultation is always free, and you will find it provides immense value!  Let today be the day that you begin to grow closer to God, and start to clarify and improve how you approach parenting.  Give yourself the gift of a Spiritual Coach in your life to motivate you, mentor you and design a personalized path for you that saves you the time and energy of doing it yourself.  


If you would like to work at your own pace, download and listen to my audio today, “Parenting While Fighting Giants!”  In the audio, I share my experience, lessons I learned and wisdom I gained while I fought my own giants while parenting, raised children to be successful and productive in society, and we all came out the better for it.


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