Pretty in Pink with the Teachable Spirit

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Pretty in Pink with the Teachable Spirit

What comes to mind when you think of the movie, “Pretty in Pink?”
What do you think is the message of that movie?
How does the message of the movie relate to the children of Ingrid Education Centre?

Reflecting on “Pretty in Pink,” the teachable spirit can acquire a sense of empathy and understanding for individuals experiencing peer pressure, appreciating the courage needed to overcome social prejudice.

We are stewards of our children for a time; eventually, they grow up and find the purpose God put them on this earth to fulfill. Natalie holding Ty, next to my daughter, Amy, June 2014. Photo by Isaac V. Photography.

Pretty in Pink: Natalie holding Ty, next to my daughter, Amy, June 2014. Photo by Isaac V. Photography.

Recently, I had the opportunity to review John Hughes’ romantic comedy-drama again, reacquainting myself with the characters played by Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy, and Jon Cryer. Enjoying the quaintness of this film made in 1986, I appreciated refreshing my memory about:

  • the angst of individuals caught in social situations beyond their control
  • looking for a way to overcome how they viewed themselves
  • adjusting how they viewed others

Here is a trailer of the movie:

Teaching the General Educational Development (GED) has provided me the privilege of meeting individuals who have experienced hardships beyond my own experience, and taught me respect for them as well as an understanding of their perspective. The following is a poem written by one of my students while teaching at Highline Community College (HCC), showcasing her self-concept:

Display in a shop in Leavenworth, Washington, June 2014.

Display in a shop in Leavenworth, Washington, June 2014.


My mom taught me pink
although she never liked it
to be a young woman
really pretty and exotic.

My mom taught me beauty
was more than skin deep
not to sleaze around
‘cuz you sell yourself cheap.

To hold my head high
with joy and pride
not to let a man get over
and steal your stride.

Beyond the single parenting
there is another side
with no man in your life
you find no reason to hide.

–Tarnisha Richardson, HCC, 2006

The children of Ingrid are exuberant, enthusiastic, and excited to meet anyone who comes to visit them, January 2013.

The children of Ingrid Education Centre desire to overcome their circumstances, change their view of themselves as well as others, January 2013.

Thank you, Tarnisha, for your teachable spirit, appreciating life’s lessons, and moving forward in spite of how you or other’s feel.

Improving our circumstances is a lifelong pursuit, accompanied by angst, peer pressure, and social injustice. Rising above our situation occurs with a teachable spirit, learning to adjust our feelings toward our own self-concept and giving others the space to do the same.

Working with a chalkboard, piece of chalk, and one text book took some mental and emotional adjustment, January 2013, at Ingrid Education Centre.

I was amazed at the quality of education the children displayed in spite of their working environment: a chalkboard, piece of chalk, and one textbook per class, January 2013, at Ingrid Education Centre.

Ingrid Education Centre is providing the right educational environment for the children in the Matopeni/Kayole slums of Nairobi to overcome their circumstances, rise above social differences, and grow into a better concept of themselves.

Today is the day to sponsor one of the children of Ingrid Education Centre because you have the ability to help them rise above their circumstances with only $15.00 a month or $180.00 a year by contacting Douglas Monene via email:

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