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Do you feel stuck in your understanding? Do you desire clarity in your thinking? Which of these areas do you need help with right now that would totally transform your life?






Discover the truth about yourself and the issues you are struggling with through private instruction with expert coach and translator of the Word, Jean L. Bons.  Jean will assist you in clarifying and interpreting your circumstances in light of God’s Word and help you understand how to approach your daily living more holistically, so that you can land on purpose in life and achieve your desires according to the Word of God.

img_0030Jean L. Bons is a Seasoned Professional Speaker, College Professor, and an Interpreter of God’s Word with experience teaching in corporate, small business, specialty groups, for-profit and non-profit settings. She blends her life long experience of raising children, business, education, and understanding of the scripture to create tailor made curriculum for personal application and growth.

Attending the Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course at the Multimedia University in Nairobi, Kenya, February 2016 sponsored by Emkay East Africa.

Her life experience, coupled with understanding of the Scripture, will assist you in working through the angst you feel about the issues with which you are currently struggling. Through private one-on-one sessions, you will begin to feel that deep connection to the Word of God you have been longing for, and ultimately, you will feel closer to your Creator. You will find appreciation, clarity, and insight as you look at issues through the perspective of God’s Word.

You will be empowered through Jean’s spiritual teaching to be motivated to connect to your deepest passion, learn how to clarify and interpret God’s Word, and thus strengthen your relationship with God.

Take action today by clicking on the link below to schedule a free interview to find out how you can get started clarifying your thoughts and seeing yourself through God’s eyes.

The initial 30 minute consultation is free, and provides immense value!  So, let today be the day that you step closer to God, and start to clarify anything unclear in your life.  Give yourself the gift of a Spiritual Coach in your life to motivate you, mentor you and design a personalized path for you that saves you time and energy doing it yourself.  You would not undertake a new exercise program without a personal trainer, would you?  And it has been proven that those who wish to change their relationship with food are 10 times more successful with the help of a dietitian, doctor, or managed weight loss program.  So why would you want to improve your most important relationship without the assistance of an expert?

If you would like to work at your own pace, download and listen to one of my audios today.  In each audio, I share my experience, lessons I learned and wisdom I gained from my own life.  Take a few minutes to listen to the wisdom of how God created you to fulfill the desires of your heart.  Find peace in knowing the truth of God’s Word in relationship to the crazy deep desire of your own heart. Listen to the wisdom of the scriptures and obtain serenity by adopting the vision of changing the results in your life through changing your thinking.  I offer illustrations that will put these concepts in perspective and help you make progress in your life and in your parenting skills. 

Give yourself the gift of clarity and enlightenment today!

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