How to Find God’s Provision

Are you lacking in financial resources? Are you frustrated by the prosperity message? Are you concerned about poverty in the world? Do you believe that there is a better way?





So what is the problem? How can you access what you need? Is your need really important when so many in the world are in serious need of financial support?

The Law of Attraction is a very popular concept right now.  Putting our thoughts, words and actions into a wish list to the Universe or to God is a great way to create the life we want.  But that is not the concept that we are focusing on in this particular coaching.  I would like for us to look at the perspective of not having “more” than we need, or “less” than we need, but exactly WHAT we need in our lives.  God wants us all to be fulfilled, safe, and to have faith that is strong enough to shed our day to day worries, so that we can spread his loving message with an open heart. The problem with focusing on abundance, is that if we are not experiencing it at the moment, we can tend to feel like our faith must not be strong enough, or we are doing something wrong, or that God doesn’t love us as much as others who appear to have more.  But we really don’t know what is going on behind the scenes in our neighbors’ lives.  God has already provided each of us with enough, and Jean can help you be cognizant of the miracles that have protected you from harm thus far, every single day.  There are endless possibilities that she would like to help you recognize!

Begin the conversation with Jean Bons today. Learn what the scripture has to say about these issues. Develop your own inner guidance for creating sufficiency around your God given goals. Learn how to find the resources you need and how to be an example in your environment for others to follow.

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The initial 30 minute consultation is free, and provides immense value!  So, let today be the day that you step closer to God, and start to clarify the way abundance can work in your life.  Give yourself the gift of a Spiritual Coach in your life to motivate you, mentor you and design a personalized path for you that saves you time and energy doing it yourself.  You wouldn’t undertake a new exercise program without a personal trainer, would you?  And it has been proven that those who wish to change their relationship with food are 10 times more successful with the help of a dietitian, doctor, or managed weight loss program.  So why would you want to improve your most important relationship without the assistance of an expert?

Give yourself the gift of abundance, clarity and enlightenment today!

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