Sharing Goals with the Teachable Spirit

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Sharing Goals with the Teachable Spirit

In a recent conversation with my son, Isaac Van Mechelen, he mentioned how playing ice hockey had increased his creativity because the game required constant adjustment to be played. The teachable spirit acknowledges learning can occur during any activity, and especially one that is enjoyed. Growing up in a sports absent household has always caused me to marvel at Isaac’s interest. However, I can relate to the concept of goals as it is a familiar and often discussed concept in business. Thinking it is no mistake that Dr. Warren Bruhl chose the name Gear for Goals, I thought about what the word GOALS might mean in this context:

Children share the excitement of receiving equipment from Gear for Goals. Photo by Beret Meyers Photography.

Children share the excitement of receiving equipment from Gear for Goals. Photo by Beret Meyers Photography.

  • Great
  • Opportunities
  • Abound
  • Learning
  • Sports

The word GREAT has its own acronym, which I have discussed in a previous blogPeople who are great have:

  • Greater Purpose
  • Rigor
  • Endurance
  • Authority
  • Trust in God

Great need encourages great opportunities.

Imagine not growing up with any knowledge of how to play baseball, not even witnessing how the game is play, and no one else in your environment knows anything about the sport, either. How would you throw the ball? How would you begin to understand the rules? If no one can demonstrate the game for you, how would you even understand how it is played?

This was the case with the places where Dr. Warren Bruhl introduced baseball in Africa. They had to start with using the baseball gear from the concept of soccer because that is what the children understood before they could move on to playing baseball.

Opportunities abound in Africa to introduce the concept of baseball.

Baseball was introduced to the Rift Valley in Kenya by Dr. Warren Bruhl in 2012.

Baseball was introduced to the Rift Valley in Kenya by Dr. Warren Bruhl in 2012. Photo by Beret Meyers Photography.

Why is this even important? Think about how the African American population has made its mark on basketball. Now think about how Kenya is known for its ability to run. Is anyone making the connection here? How would these children’s lives abound with opportunities if they understood how to play baseball? What scholarships and other doors would be made available if they knew this sport?

Learning another sport increases the ability to connect with the opportunities that abound.

Photo courtesy of my son, Isaac V. Photography.

Photo courtesy of my son, Isaac V. Photography.

Isaac wanted to play ice hockey since he was seven years old. He would not stop talking about it until he was 14, when I finally realized he was serious about playing the sport. All he really knew at the time was how to skate with roller blades. In his third year of playing ice hockey, the team he was on made it to the championship game against the prevailing champions. He made the only score for either team, which won the game in his team’s favor. Besides sustaining his commitment and motivation to continue his education, other opportunities that playing sports provided for Isaac included:


Dr. Warren Bruhl and his daughter, Montana, deliver equipment from Gear for Goals to the Kimana Rift Valley in May 2014.

  • excelling at an activity he enjoyed
  • participating in a team environment
  • preparing him for the politics of business
  • providing him the opportunity of coaching
  • increasing his capacity to be creative

The teachable spirit acknowledges all the reasons that GREAT OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND LEARNING SPORTS!

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