The Teachable Spirit of Natasha Wainaina

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The Teachable Spirit of Natasha Wainaina
FOKUK Contestant Natasha Wainaina loves to dance.

FOKUK Contestant Natasha Wainaina loves to dance.

What is Natasha doing now?
What did Natasha learn when she participated in the Face of Kenya UK (FOKUK) contest?
How did she raise money for Ingrid Education Centre?

After the FOKUK contest, Natasha returned to her passion and started dancing with her old dance crews again. She has thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and is equally glad that they have welcomed her back for the summer with open arms. She has been involved in a number of shows in a short space of time. Additionally, she has also been fortunate in finding a job within a week of being back home for the summer; so, she feels blessed to be keeping herself busy in a positive way.

I like to keep busy so that whenever I get any free time to myself, I appreciate it more; therefore, I try do as much as possible. Consequently, I am less interactive on social media sites, although I do not think that is such a bad thing as my focus is on other things. —Natasha Wainaina
Natasha's turn to speak at the 2014 FOKUK contest.

Natasha’s turn to speak at the 2014 FOKUK contest.

Natasha enjoyed the experience of participating in the FOKUK contest and her teachable spirit learned that things are not as scary as they seem when you step out of your comfort zone.

As any contest will do, the FOKUK has encouraged me to take more risks in life. If I don’t try things out whether it is relevant or not, I shan’t learn anything new. I think any experience is a good LIFE experience; we all grow in one way or another. Being part of FOKUK 2014 has been an experience that I will cherish. —Natasha Wainaina

At first, Natasha was hesitant about joining the charity pageant; however, after she read more about the pageant, what made her want to join is the fact that it encourages Kenyans in the UK to be charitable.

In addition to that, it has given me the chance to learn more about my homeland, the charity that I am supporting as well as meeting more Kenyans in the UK. We have all been very lucky to be chosen to represent our charities as well as our motherland and I am very thankful to Janet Wainaina for choosing me to be part of a such a worthy organization!

Natasha Wainaina

The evening was a huge success for participants and guests alike, 2014 FOKUK contest.

The evening was a huge success for participants and guests alike, 2014 FOKUK contest.

Natasha feels grateful to have a great group of friends (and influential people that she knows), at the University of Lincoln where she is attending as a student that helped her organize a fundraiser, which she feels was very successful. It was the first time Natasha had organized an event by herself with the freedom to do whatever she wanted to help raise money for the children of Ingrid, “the little darlings of Matopeni.”

In the end because it had been a success on campus before, Natasha decided to do ‘Take Me Out’ as a charity event. For those of you who have not watched the show before, it is a British dating game where a single man obtains a meeting with one of thirty single women. The women stand underneath white lights each with a button in front of them. A single man tries to persuade the women to agree to this meeting in a series of rounds. At any point during the rounds, the women can press the button to turn their light off if they are not interested! To make things more interesting, Natasha decided to create a twist to ‘Choose Me for Charity.’ You can watch the promo video below to find out more:

Having a teachable spirit helped Natasha listen to her friends, peers, and mentors, and be able to develop an event that was enjoyable for everyone, and most of all, provided a way to raise money for Ingrid. She reflects:

The children of Ingrid with the items purchased from Natasha's fundraising efforts, July 2014.

The children of Ingrid with the items purchased from Natasha‘s fundraising efforts, July 2014.

It was a strange feeling having people ask me for direction but, I am very glad that I did it because I have proven to myself that I can:

  • Bring a crowd together
  • Be organized
  • Enjoy my project
  • Network with the right people
  • Challenge myself

The children of Ingrid received the donation Natasha contributed from the proceeds of her event ‘Choose Me for Charity,’ demonstrating that a teachable spirit creates opportunity for everyone with gratitude and humility. Receiving £265 from Natasha’s fundraising efforts was a huge benefit to Ingrid, providing books and food for the children of Ingrid. $15.00 a month or $180.00 a year provides all the clothes, books, and food needed for one boy or girl to attend school. Contact Douglas Monene, founder of Ingrid Education Centre via email: to learn how to sponsor one of the children who attend Ingrid

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