Walking Your Talk:

Do you feel intimidated by the process of living the life of a believer?  

Do you think to yourself that the Word of God is so amazing and that because Yeshua is held up as such an example, that it feels impossible to live a successful life as a believer?  

Do you long to have a clear understanding of the characteristics that help you walk your talk on a daily basis?


You can make GREAT progress and SEE TREMENDOUS RESULTS!

You can see ACHIEVEMENT of your goals!

You can BE an example of what it means to walk your talk in your daily life!


Do you feel like God is not delivering on His promises to sustain you in this physical realm while you are waiting on the promise of your eternal inheritance?  

Do you feel like sometimes the journey seems long and arduous and it seems like others are forsaking the path along the way?

 I want to make myself available to you to work with you one on one to help you make significant progress so that you can feel successful in your life while working to walk your talk.  You can make an appointment through the scheduling calendar on my website, www.jeanlbons.com.  The initial 30 minute consultation is always free, and provides immense value!   Let today be the day that you step closer to God, and start to clarify the way God can work in your life.  Give yourself the gift of a Spiritual Coach in your life to motivate you, mentor you and design a personalized path for you.  The path we create together will help you understand how to stand in the faith God has given you, and will keep you on track when you feel that you are not arriving at your destination very quickly.

If you prefer to work at your own pace, download and listen to my audio today, “Walking Your Talk!”  I offer an illustration that will put this concept in perspective and help you make progress in your life.  Come to an understanding today of what it means to walk your talk.


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